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Binky Beauregard: Where’s your happy face?

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Criminal Minds AU | Emily & a Catholic Priest (Ian Doyle) [x]

“Maybe it’s because I can’t have him that I feel safe wanting him. He’s beyond my reach, so he won’t hurt me.” ― Tess Gerritsen, Body Double
"“No-one’s gotten a raise in four years, I don’t know if there’s even overtime. We are just this dog of a show. We deliver every week, so they just keep cutting our budget. They’re like, “Oh, take another leg off that donkey, it’ll still make it across the border.” It’s crazy. I had no idea. And like, shows with one tenth of the viewership have these fancy parties and people get paid a fortune and all of us are like, “What the fuck?! Really? That’s how it works?”"
— Paget Brewster (Kevin Pollack Chat Show 2009)

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Agent 15: A Good Day for Revenge


Thrilling Adventure Hour | 08.02.14

Beyond Belief with Paul F. Tompkins & Paget Brewster

Agent 15: A Stitch in Time